11 February 2009

peach plum pear.

this morning as i was having breakfast i flipped thru the newest travel + leisure magazine ( i alone might be keeping several magazines in biz with as many subscriptions as i have...) to find not one, but three articles that seem to have come straight out of my thoughts and onto the glossy pages. i have been planning trips in my head - because that is what i always do - and they have included new orleans, tulum, and new york as of late. its surprising how much those thoughts take over...a road trip down south to new orleans, savannah, and maybe the carolinas. a warm vacation to lay out on the white sand beaches of tulum. a bustling reunion with new york city & its shopping possibilities. and this morning, there in the magazine sitting next to my coffee cup and croissant, were features on the cuisine of new orleans, the best places to stay in tulum (highlighting Coqui Coqui - the resort whose pictures i posted a few back), and the new boutique hotels in new york including a east coast transplant of the NW's own Ace Hotel. meant to be? i'd like to think so. now if only my bank account would magically inflate and confirm that 'meant to be' mentality....

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