18 March 2011

She Won't Trade It For Nothing.

Friday is a funny day to resume posting but oh well, it's the day I've picked. The lapses in posts should be remedied now since the crazy events of January and February have passed. Now we're just looking forward to the warm weather! There has been an influx of great new music lately that I've come across in droves.

Today I'll make it simple for you.
Go listen to the new Keren Ann streaming on KCRW.
It's the perfect thing to listen to going into the weekend!

Enjoy your weekends!

[image via wit+delight]

11 February 2011

Listen to the Sound

I always knew these guys could harmonize amazingly, but this video shows how much their voices carry their music. Especially the lead vocals..flawless I must say..

A Local Natives Take Away Show from the city of lights..

10 February 2011

I'll Wait For You

Some thought it would never happen. Side projects set aside, The Strokes have a release date for their new album, Angles. March 22nd will end the five year wait and lead to inevitably equal parts complaint & praise from the peanut gallery. Here's what guitarist Nick Valensi has to say about the long wait..

“I feel like it’s gonna be impossible for us to make music that’ll live up five years of nothing. It’s kind of that Chinese Democracy syndrome. You take that much time off.. no matter what you do it’s not gonna be as good as people want it to be. I feel like no matter what the record is, or how hard we worked on it, or how much we like it, it’s not gonna live up to people’s expectations only because of those five years between the last one and this one.” - Nick Valensi

You can download the single here or via The Strokes site for the next day and a half.

*Under Cover of Darkness* The Strokes

09 February 2011

Good Woman

New music from Cat Power as been surfacing and it sure is pretty. Lately, I've been re-visiting You Are Free which I think is still my favorite of Ms Marshall's.

Hope she makes her way up to the Pacific Northwest soon.

[video courtesy of 24bit]

03 February 2011

And It Made Us Feel Alike

Last fall, I made mention of a screening that Vincent Moon was having here in Portland. It was a small audience of about 25 and we were privy to never before seen clips and short films he has done in addition to the Take Away Shows that we are all most familiar with.

One of the best moments that evening was a clip Vincent introduced of Efterklang performing in their native Denmark with their families. While this is only a teaser, it gives you a good idea of what to expect from the film..

There are public-private screenings being hosted worldwide so all can view the film. It's pretty amazing that only 2 days after the premiere of the film, already 400 screenings have been offered abroad. Visit "An Island" to find out where you can view the film locally. I highly suggest you do. Enjoy!