10 February 2011

I'll Wait For You

Some thought it would never happen. Side projects set aside, The Strokes have a release date for their new album, Angles. March 22nd will end the five year wait and lead to inevitably equal parts complaint & praise from the peanut gallery. Here's what guitarist Nick Valensi has to say about the long wait..

“I feel like it’s gonna be impossible for us to make music that’ll live up five years of nothing. It’s kind of that Chinese Democracy syndrome. You take that much time off.. no matter what you do it’s not gonna be as good as people want it to be. I feel like no matter what the record is, or how hard we worked on it, or how much we like it, it’s not gonna live up to people’s expectations only because of those five years between the last one and this one.” - Nick Valensi

You can download the single here or via The Strokes site for the next day and a half.

*Under Cover of Darkness* The Strokes

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