22 February 2009

some kind of wonderful.

i love oscar night. ever since i was a kid i have been enthralled with the awards show and have watched it from start to finish, year after year. some years better than others...listening to every word and wanting to be a part of these proud moments. tonight's show was surprisingly more entertaining and upbeat than previous years have been. maybe that had to do with the films and people that were honored, maybe it was the unexpectedly entertaining host, and likely it was every element combined - but tonight i saw the film industry really shine bright with its talent. people seemed, dare i say, *grateful* for where they were at and that was probably put even more into perspective with the current state of the country. people seemed [gasp] appreciative for the platform they have for their art and the opportunity to do what they do. i think that is such a redeeming thing to see in an industry where its easy to be distracted by the glitz and glamorous perks rather than to remember the art for what it is. a gift.

on top of that, the nominees i was really hoping would win did just that! i knew "slumdog millionaire" was going to be the favorite this year and deservedly so. it is such a fresh story - it was long overdue that a film with such an obvious positive and hopeful storyline would be given the credit it deserved. plus it was great to watch danny boyle's face with each statue the film received. i can only imagine how amazing it must feel to not only be proud of your film but to have so many others affirm that it was worth every accolade.

"milk" was one of the most moving fims i've seen since "the diving bell and the butterfly". i remember seeing it last fall when it was released and being moved to tears (along with everyone else in the packed theater)...amazed at how i had been watching sean penn for the last two hours but completely lost him in this character of harvey milk. it's like no other performance you've seen him in before. absolutely big-hearted and inspiring. i'm so glad he got honored for this role... one of the most crucial parts of what made that role a reality was the original screenplay by dustin lance black. i can't explain how well written it was without sounding completely sappy so you best do yourself a favor and go see the film - it's something else. the way those characters were taken from real people and real stories to the silver screen was impeccable...

i was happy to see penelope cruz win best supporting actress for "vicky cristina barcelona". she was absolutely dynamic...

of course it was also a bit of a tug on the heartstrings to see the ledger family accept heath's award on behalf of his daughter. it is so good when truly great performances get recognized. and it's still sad to think that we can't expect any further stunners from such a talented actor...

i think i could go on and on about *everything* but i'll bring myself to a halt here. i'm sure i've gushed enough but i hope others enjoyed watching hollywood's golden night as much as i did. it seemed to bring up flashes of how the entertainment industry has always given a type of escape in times of crisis - be it war or recession. it's yet another reminder to why art and film and music are so important...even if they only take you away for two hours, it can be an experience that will not be forgotten. that is why they do what they do.

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