02 March 2009

mona lisa on a motorcycle.

so sorry for the lapse in posts. i was holed up at home this weekend, semi-sick and watching movie after movie. east of eden anyone? james dean was amazing. seriously.

i know i should probably be writing about all the fall collections that have been/are/will be debuting this month but all i can really think about is spring/summer 09 balmain. never before in my life have i wanted embellished military jackets and bleached jeans so badly..

i mean, honestly, how striking are these jackets?!

[photos: jak & jill blog]

more to come on fall/winter 09. i promise.

btw: the titles of the posts are always lyrics from songs if you ever feel like trying to figure out what they are...its a fun game. for me anyway. maybe frustrating for you because you can't hear the tune in your head..

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  1. emmanuelle alt plus balmain clothing-as-sculpture equals one hearty "vive la france!" from me any day.