19 March 2009

strange steps, heels turned black.

finally! evidence it will actually be released!

i cannot elaborate enough on how excited i am for this movie and just how antsy i have become waiting for news about the production in the teeny bits and pieces they seem come in. you'd think it was a SATC sequel from the way info is so scarce. either way, this spike jonze pet project is finally tagged with a fall 09 release and i, along with many others, am thrilled. everything about it spells out success in my eyes: jonze's creative director's eye; my literary crush doing the screenplay; paul dano, catherine keener; music by karen o., etc..... and if dave eggers screenplays are anything like dave eggers novels then i will love. plus the kid who plays max is actually named max records. cool kid award.

the build-up is making me nervous. this must have been what the watchmen fanboys felt like for 20 years...

is it october yet?

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