26 May 2009

always something to distract.

why don't long weekends happen more often? truly. it makes us all better people.

maybe it's in the name, but meghan collison is one of those unique models who always nails the "effortless, rockstar cool" thing that the fashion-set are always clamoring to recreate...

you either have it or you don't.

obvs, she does.

on the note of "having it", i finally caught the dirty projectors this weekend. talk about a refreshing and rad show... don't hesitate to see them when they bo-jangle their way through your city...

on rotation/repeat: ra ra riot

*can you tell*

*oh, la*

*suspended in gaffa*


  1. Yes, that's the one thing this blog needs: more hot models! See, I read it... Jonah

  2. note taken: more hot models for jonah.