05 May 2009

no time to think of consequences.

remember ben lee? that lovely australian man who used to date claire danes..
he is one of the many who have covered mgmt since their debut. i just ran across his cover of "kids" on hype machine and i kinda like it...whaddya think?

[click here to listen to the song]

i'd become ultra tired of mgmt after i heard them in virtually every place i went in portland last year. i loved the record when it was given to me in early 2008 and went to see them play soon after with yeasayer at a teeny venue down the street. let's just say the opener, yeasayer, blew the management out of the water.


i took a break from them following that...
but this cover reminded me that it was a good song and a good record and i hope they've dropped the uber-hipster persona since then and now know that it's perfectly cool to put on a show that makes the hipsters want to dance.


what kind of rock show makes you just feel like *standing there* anyway?

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  1. HypeMachine is incredible. I am not sure what I have done without it up until now!