23 June 2009

and i'd like to think i am not one of them.

tuesday release: dragonslayer.
we've been so patient! and it is SO good*. really. i promise you this**.

*the people over at pitchfork are currently racking their brains as to how they will give this album a good enough rating but not good enough to warrant anything past a 9.5. above a 9.5 would mean they actually credit the artist(s) as putting out something worth their precious time. dirty projectors managed a stealthy 9.2. the decimal point rating system and frequency/use of long words that require you to look them up on dictionary.com - in order to understand if track 2 is fantastic or merely average - are being mulled over as we speak. good luck pitchforkians. sort of.

**or else i will buy you a coffee. only if you are in portland. if you live elsewhere you are out of luck.

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