19 June 2009

but for now/ until you're home/ you ride with us.

it's dave eggers friday (or something) around here today with all the eggers-related news i've stumbled upon...

firstly, his new book 'zeitoun' is out next month and you can pre-order it on mcsweeny's right now. it's even on sale today. not sure for how long that offer is up for but it's a good deal so go get it!

browsing further on mcsweeney's, i see that there is a novel that was inspired
by the 'where the wild things are' screenplay.

it comes in two versions...one is a cool silhouette graphic..
and the other is FUR COVERED.
no joke.

the only reason i didn't pre-order that too is because i sincerely can'
t decide between the two.
fur or no-fur?

to hold us impatient types over until the october release of w.t.w.t.a. (the movie) and now the novel as well, we have a clever blog called *we love you so* kept up by a few young writers.
they say this about why they started the blog:

The film represents years of work from hundreds
of different artists, writers,
photographers, musicians, actors,
and creators of all degrees.

This place has been established
to help shed some light
on many of the small influences
that have converged to make
this massive project a reality.

pretty cool right?

so that's a lot of news regarding pre-ordering books and nerding out for the day.

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