08 June 2009

there ain't no use to sit and wonder why.

back to my roots. the voice that always puts me at ease.

this is the song that will pop into my head and i will be humming for days. its a go-to thing for my brain mainly because it doesn't have to think about what to hum, this is just always there..

i'm reading this book called "a freewheelin' time"..its a memoir of living in greenwich village during the sixties as told by suze rotolo. she is probably better known for being the girl pictured arm in arm with dylan on the cover of "freewheelin' bob dylan" but don't mistake this book as being simply her stories of dating bob.

she has a lot more insight to offer than that. stories of the developing folk scene and of growing up as an italian-american and the of political climate to name a few...

Nothing much is happening here I guess...
the dogs are waiting to go out,
the thiefs are waiting for an old lady-
the little kids are waiting for school...
Grove street is waiting for Bedford Street-
the dirty are waiting to be cleaned-
Everybody is waiting for cooler weather-
And I am just waiting for you-.

-B.Dylan - a letter written to Suze in 1962 while she was away in Italy...

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