03 June 2009

we'll make something out of this mess, oh!

saw a little band called Clues last night at the backspace gallery downtown. they had the perfect blend of chaotic and melodic...the energy in the room stirred up a lot of dancing as the the frenetic set unfolded..

..in case you are unfamiliar, its Alden Penner [ex-Unicorns] and Brendan Reed [ex-Arcade Fire] and 3 more multi-instrumentalists. it was a nice change of pace to see a lo-fi, high energy show like this where the band switches instruments and shares vocals, almost on the verge of either knocking down all the mic stands on the teeny stage or unplugging their own guitars from wildly flailing around..


go see em. everyone needs to see a fresh talent like this every so often so as to not get jaded or cynical about music..

*perfect fit*

and i dare you not to dance.

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