29 June 2009

you used to say that you want a revolution someday.

last week i went back to some records i hadn't heard in a long time but had once been favorites.
i came across a couple songs i loved back in the summer of '05 by bedouin soundclash..

they were one of the few bands i would consistently watch while on warped tour..

it just seemed like it was the type of music you'd want to listen to in the summer heat
and into the warm nights..with influences ranging from the clash to bad brains to dylan, they offered both upbeat, dance-able tunes and slower, more stripped-down ones driven by beautiful vocals..

*santa monica*

i also discovered that jay has been working on some solo music as well which is very much worth checking out..
[make sure you listen to "life is a gun"]

*st. andrews*

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