16 July 2009

the renegade feelin' satisfied..

i don't know about you but i still wonder what sort of projects heath ledger would've worked on if he was still alive. i found him to be such a great talent. the july issue of vanity fair did a cover story on him and his last days, which primarily consist of working on "the imaginarium of doctor parnassus"...

the article is really well done and if you have any interest in the craft of film making or acting, i recommend checking it out. not only does it get into how heath worked as an actor but it covers a lot of ground about the film's creation process and about the director's career...

i think what i found to be really refreshing about the article was how it makes you take a different look at hollywood and really separate the film making process from the glitz and glamour and fluff that hollywood is primarily known for. especially these days. it makes you look at the reality of what goes into making a film happen and think about how many films so often don't see their completion because of budgeting issues or other complications. it makes you appreciate actors like heath (& johnny depp) for the fact that they *love* the craft of acting and that is *truly* the reason they do what they do. nothing more.

"the imaginarium of doctor parnassus" comes out sept. 24th of this year.

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