28 December 2009

a modern piece of glasswork

for a second i toyed with the idea of making a list.
favorite albums of the year..
or favorite songs..
or some sort of time consuming superlative set up of what i deem the best and the so-so of this year. some ambitious sorts are doing the entire decade. that's a lot of music. so i'll just leave that to them...

throughout the almost year of cast iron songs i have included some of my most favorite things..songs, alb
ums, people, art. those could give you a good starting point of what my "best of" list would include i suppose..

i think it also comes back around to the arbitrary reminder that my favorites don't necessarily mark the "best of the year" let alone the best of the decade. as much as i value my taste in music, the point is i just love sharing certain songs with you. i love the moments they create for me and the visual pictures they evoke in my mind. and i always hope that someone else can see that too. sometimes you will. other times you won't.
its the mood and the moment.

so if you want a best of list you should probably look elsewhere, but if you're just looking for some of the best - i might be able to help you out..

*white sky* vampire weekend


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sometimes a song isnt a song it's a feeling.