20 January 2010

i know you know

sometimes i'll go thru dry spells with music where i won't really seek out anything new.
i'll listen to my constant go-to's and not much else..

LA has seen the opposite of dry spells over the last few days - it's been pouring down buckets. so while some people have been completely incapable of driving in the rain and others are on an odd coastal torando watch, i've been sequestering myself indoors watching movies and trying to find something new to keep my attention. today i went to go see an afternoon showing of "the young victoria" (really well done, by the way) and one of the previews was for a concert with world renowned mandolin player, chris thile. i'm hoping to catch the show he's doing this weekend with the LA chamber orchestra and this 20-something juilliard prodigy, nico muhly. but in the meantime, i'm quite entertained by his latest band, the punch brothers...

this is what happens if you start playing mandolin at age 5.


  1. god bless americas! Thanks so much Nicole! FML.

  2. haha you're welcome mister reeves!