19 March 2010

the good old days/the honest man

sometimes i deliberately decide to not listen to new records that are being thrust at you as if they're the next savior of music. call it stubborn, call it dismissive..it happens. but occasionally, i'll put aside my prejudgements and often i'm surprised to find i actually like some of the songs that all the hype was about (some, not all).

that happened with another pop culture something recently..i finally gave some time to watching episodes of friday night lights. i'd been hearing about it for so long, and now i am fully on the fnl bandwagon.
it gets you hook, line, and sinker - sort of like the new frightened rabbit record.

so this is the friday confessional:
- friday night lights - addicting. so much more than just football.
- frightened rabbit - everything i hoped the new record would be.
-sorry for so many b&w pictures lately.
(i'm a sucker for them. i'll refrain..until i get that roll from nyc developed..)

two songs for your listening pleasure.

my favorite track off the new FR

*foot shooter*

the most fitting song from the FNL soundtrack

*devil town* bright eyes

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