08 March 2010

trick pony

best and worst things about yesterday's oscar ceremony..

  • steve martin and alec baldwin as hosts
  • the john hughes tribute
  • those tom ford suits
  • jeff bridges' win and how he kept saying 'man' in his speech
  • katherine bigelow


  • no stand out speeches
  • slightly disappointing fashion choices for the ladies [only s.bullock and carey mulligan really looked the part of winners]
  • the fact i now have to bite my tongue and go see the blind side

all joking aside, i still feel that more people should go see 'an education' and 'crazy heart' (and 'the young victoria' for that matter). those were two of the best films i've seen recently for stellar performances and pitch perfect stories.
'a single man' - not to be confused with 'a serious man' - was an impressive debut from tom ford. for those of us that are familiar with him as a designer, you can see how much his discerning eye and impeccable style shaped the vision of this film.
every still shot could stand alone as a knockout photograph. not to overlook colin firth's performance...but seriously tom ford, keep doing movies!

enough for now, i'll leave you with the latest from charlotte gainsbourg..

*trick pony*

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