15 June 2010

well if you're not there it's still so beautiful

if there is ever one reason alone to go to shows its to be able to catch a band exactly when they are hitting their stride. at the beginning of their moment. since you never really know when that is going to be, you have to dig deep and take chances that the show you pick - the band you've heard buzz about - will be at that moment.

delta spirit is having their moment.

i had the chance to see them last week at doug fir and it was the most fun i've had at show in a very long time. people were paying attention and singing along and dancing their hearts out. and even if the crowd didn't respond as enthusiastically as they did, the delta spirit boys would've put every ounce of soul into their performance regardless.

that's just the kind of band they are.

so now would be the moment to go check them out.

*salt in the wound*

*st. francis*

also take some time to look into the romany rye - their opening act for this tour. he'll be having his moment someday too.

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