19 July 2010

so composed. so refined.

i've been hearing murmurs of a solo project from adam stephens for some time now and finally there is proof that it is indeed more than just a rumor..

the two gallants frontman will be releasing his solo debut We Live On Cliffs on Sept 28th of this year. it features the musical talents of my morning jacket, whiskeytown, and blood brothers members respectively.

*the cities that you've burned* adam haworth stephens

stephens' writings and talents as a musician have steadily grown on me and now are something i have come to truly enjoy. i was once strongly encouraged by a close friend of stephens to check out his music, saying it was some of "the most beautiful stuff he'd ever heard." it's not uncommon for musicians to pat other musicians on the back and compliment their offerings but in this case it was an obvious due admiration for another's art.

i hope you all take time to check this one out in the fall.

[more album details at 24bit]

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