22 September 2010

Nothing's Gonna Change My World

in the past year i have discovered that a startling number of my friends do not like the beatles or find them boring. shocking, i know.

especially for someone like myself who grew up listening to their songbooks and counting them as one of the first band obsessions i ever had. to many, the beatles are one of your first musical loves. how could they not be? they will always be a force that defined rock and roll for generations of musicians to follow. this is not grandiose music jabber either. it's just the truth.

so for those of you who prefer the joe cocker version of "with a little help from my friends" over the beatles version (yes, they sang it first), here is a phosphorescent cover of "across the universe". just trying to win you over one more time...

*across the universe* phosphorescent

[btw: all the songs featured on this blog via divshare are downloadable. just a little tip to help build up your music library.]


  1. I like, the beatles. I mean, super catchy songs... and I respect them for a lot of what they did... and even some of the bounderies they pushed...

    but I have never been really curious about the beatles. ill listen to a song or two every now and then... but thats about it.

    the beach boys were my first musical experience... and I am more inclined to like the beach boys and listen to them more often than the beatles.

  2. the beach boys were mine too!! i had a cassette tape of theirs that i listened the heck out of when i was little. i used to perform the songs for my family...

    but i also had a deep love for the beatles growing up. thank goodness my parents had all the good records they did. i listened to dylan, simon&garfunkle, and the beatles bc they were the records in our house and to this day they are still my favorite albums to listen to..