31 March 2009

& torch ballads.

"..but a song is something that walks by itself." -a.r.

i watched "i'm not there" for the second time ever the other day. i liked it the first time around, but this time i was really blown away by the film and its complex structure. i noticed more layered details that i didn't see the first time when i watched with a much more critical eye. see, i had heard bad things. people i knew telling me they didn't like it. too obscure. too strange. i think they might have missed the point... to take on the subject of dylan and his music and his life and his stories and the inspiration...i mean, you are talking about one of THE most prolific artists of all time...

most filmmakers would get so overwhelmed by the sheer mass of the impending task and either freeze up and shelve the idea or else go on to create a straight docu-bio attempting to understand the mystique behind the legend. i feel that todd haynes created a really beautiful film on many levels with "i'm not there." it's visually stunning going from technicolor landscapes to black and white super 8 to muted antiqued scenes seamlessly. then on top of that are the characters he created...based on certain albums or periods of dylan's life... all which are superbly acted. and then of course there is the soundtrack. i could go on for some time about it really. there was a special feature on the dvd chronicling the creation of the soundtrack...the songs chosen and why...their natural evolution...so interesting. rent the special feature dvd.

you're welcome.

[the charlotte gainsbourg character is one of my favorites. they all are great tho..]

this is a film that really feels like a true labor of love. each person, crew to actor, knew the subject they were taking on and just how critically people, fans, would look on it. and truly, i don't know if all dylan fans will like it. it doesn't really teach you anything new about the man, the artist. there are no *new* facts to discover or secrets to unveil. it's simply a beautifully directed piece inspired by this life that has captivated so many people and will continue to captivate...

don't think too hard about it. it's no walk the line. and in this case, that is a very, very good thing.

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  1. A fascist-killing machine of a biopic, I think.