26 March 2009

we play endlessly.


my obsession with la blogotheque continues...

i found this a few days back but it was entirely overshadowed by my childlike giddiness over the wild things trailer. which i watched at least 8 times yesterday. but this performance is another level of amazing. i've seen sigur ros twice now. once in the middle of a desert (coachella) and a second time earlier this year sitting front row in a huge gorgeous theater in portland. like, as in, i could touch the stage. no lie. i also could see the feathers jonsi had tucked into his hair and promptly was obsessed with his strange style. ok. enough. point being, i could not imagine what it would be like to sit in a cafe in paris and suddenly realize that a few tables over, these boys are playing acoustic....la vie est bonne. enjoy the video.

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