14 April 2009

the night's not over.

think back to 2003 when the strokes released 'room on fire', their second record.... remember how good it was? think even *further* back to 2001 (whoa, 8+ years ago..) to their debut 'is this it'. i loved these records and their nostalgic sound...although i'm not sure what it actually made me nostalgic for at the time considering it reminded me of new york and i had not yet been to new york...hmm.

well interestingly enough, i now look on these records with great memories of santa barbara sunshine and the trips to new york i have since taken, among other things...

...re-discovering past-loved records is such a good thing!...

let's hope their new one has been worth the 6 year wait, right? although i suppose fab giving us little joy was a good appetizer in the meantime...

enjoy the playlist! it's mainly 'room on fire' with a couple choice tracks from 'is this it' tagged on at the end for your throwback pleasure!

[the playlist was from mixtape which has frequent freak outs and isn't operable. sorry in advance if its not here somedays and here others..]

Mixtape from http://favtape.com/cole/the good ol' strokes

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