15 April 2009

odds and ends, odds and ends.

any of my friends could attest that my, umm, fascination with curiosity cabinets is nothing new...so when i happened upon the blog Morbid Anatomy yesterday from a post on apartment therapy i was jaw-droppingly stunned by photos they featured of Cabinet of Curiosities of Bonnier de la Mosson...

when you get past the fact it is a bunch of dead birds and butterflies and insects and bones and remember that this was actually a way scientists studied these things way back when, they sort of loose their creep factor and become that much more beautiful. not to mention the cabinets themselves are amazing. there is a reason these things are in a museum! they *were* considered the precursor to the modern museum as some will tell you.

it's a distinct appreciation...

make sure to go *here* to look at more photos of the collection.

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