08 May 2009

blue, blue windows behind the stars.

i die when i hear this song.
it's one of those perfect sounds to me.
i picked up "the last waltz" the other weekend in seattle after listening to neil on the drive up and replaying this song i don't know how many times...

you were right freddie - it is perfection. i kept switching my TLW and Deja Vu records this morning while getting ready for work...

note: playing records in the morning is one of thee best ways to start your day but it also is a teeny bit time-consuming so don't do it if you are a) running late and don't know what shoes to wear, or b) get distracted by the music and forget you have anywhere to be.

[photo: by me]

where do i work again? five minutes late? no problem.

all this to say, the song came back to me last night when the shins covered it in their first encore. the other cover they did, of the beach boys "girl don't tell me" also was a great moment for a great song...

i hope your weekends are full of sunshine and good tunes.

h a p p y f r i d a y!

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