11 May 2009

when you awake.

oh the 60s...
how i love them...

it seems the more i watch godard films,
the more i just fall head over heels for the french cinema..
not like i needed much convincing in the first place.

i watched a mini-documentary about jean-luc and anna karina this weekend - about her presence and influence in his films and how iconic their collaborations have become. it followed their relationship and how you can track it in his films...from the way he'd frame her in a shot, down to the lines anna would say in real life that made their way into his films... it is really note-worthy and i highly recommend renting "pierrot le fou" so you can get the double disc with all the special features... you WILL thank me.

this is by far my favorite outtake shot of anna on pierrot's set...

love the red-striped one piece and straw hat combo.

..when you awake you will remember ev'rything/
you will be hanging on a string/
when you believe, you will relieve the only soul/
that you were born with to grow old and never know...

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