18 May 2009

does this sound ok?

between *veckatimest* and now *swoon*, the silversun pickups' latest,
bands seem to be really raising the bar as far as album artwork goes...

the veckatemist art - which i love - was done by william j o'brien.
here's some more of his work...

[courtesy of shane campbell gallery, chicago]

[courtesy of shane campbell gallery, chicago]

[courtesy of marianne boesky gallery, nyc]

silversun commissioned darren waterston to do theirs.
he also did the artwork for their debut lp, carnavas.
i'm not sure if he listens to their music when he works or if they are inspired by his work when they write...possibly even both, but his work and their music are a perfect match.

[swoon album art]

all of the above pieces can be found on darren's website. plus lots more. i'm a fan.

it makes me think that buying records is not quite the lost past-time so many think its become in this so-called "digital age" of music. i think there will always be someone who cares about that part...

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