15 May 2009

blue jean baby.

i had a lengthy post ready for today but...
in the true spirit of friday, i'm taking a shortcut!
i ran across this video for phoenix's song *1901* yesterday
and i think this sets a better tone for the weekend..

*love* the aesthetic....

[click on the pic to see the dazed digital exclusive]

i associate sun/heat/sweat with phoenix every time i hear them - not because i think of the City of Tangible Heat, but rather it conjures memories of seeing them at coachella years back.
fun live band...

[buttersafe comic]

let's keep it pop-y today, yea?
here's some avi buffalo for you. *what's in it for?*

oh, p.s. portland listened:

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  1. By the way... I still cant get 1901 out of my head. Is Portland listening this weekend?