14 May 2009

save up all the days/ a routine malaise.

trying to forget about the torturous finale that was last night's Lost
by delving into music today...

a new gem from spencer and sunset rubdown. the man can do no wrong...

a dance-inducer from chin up chin up with a title that i absolutely adore...

*we should have never lived like we were skyscrapers*

here's one of the many grizzly bear remixes floating around on the interweb... everyone should really buy this album when it comes out this month. i feel bad for the grizzlies that it was leaked so early. at least that means people like 'em...

*two weeks [fred falke remix]*

h a p p y c h a m p a g n e t h u r s d a y!

...more great songs on my hype machine page..
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